love in shades of grey
an unusual love story by Glynne MacLean


The synopsis of Claire's opera inspired by Louise Labé's Sonnet VIII.

The Last Sonnet - A Tragic Opera in Three Acts

by Mario St. Claire


The Colonel in his early fifties approaches the beautiful Lilea, his step cousin, with a business proposal of marriage to further his career prospects. Lilea accepts the offer in return for financial security and the enviable social status.


The marriage is initially a business success, until Lilea meets Samuel and falls in love. The sentiments are mutual but Samuel refuses to act upon his desires until Lilea frees herself from the Colonel. She agrees, but unbeknown to the two lovers, the Colonel who previously regarded Lilea as a sister, has come to love her.


The day Lilea requests the divorce; Samuel discovers he is terminally ill with cancer. The Colonel out of his love for Lilea agrees to the divorce and Lilea rushes to the beach to tell Samuel. Due to his imminent death Samuel spurns her without enlightening her to his plight and sends her back to her husband. Upon her return, Lilea finds the Colonel has shot himself, leaving a note declaring his love. Labé's Sonnet VIII provides the lyrics for Lilea's final aria.



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